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The International Research Program on Comparative Mycoplasmology (IRPCM) team ruminant mycoplasmas is composed of specialized and experienced scientists in the field. The team is dedicated to support research, collaborations and communication on ruminant mycoplasmas in association with the other IRPCM teams.


The member expertise in ruminant mycoplasmas is very broad and complementary (see list of the members) and each member is available to answer questions on basic knowledge and technical issues related to ruminant mycoplasmas. Additionally, the team defines the priority programs to actively sustain at the level of single groups or in the frame of collaborations. 


Specific goals :

1) Encourage systematic studies on the epidemiology of infections due to ruminant mycoplasmas and strain isolation;

2) Increase, improve and share genomic sequences of specific ruminant mycoplasmas;

3) Expand functional research on ruminant mycoplasmas;

4) Define immunogenic surface proteins and antigens in a quest for new/improved vaccines and improve challenge models;

5) Expand awareness of emerging mycoplasmal species in ruminants.

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