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The Human mycoplasma IRPCM group, encompasses human mycoplasma experts from around the globe.

The main purpose of this group is to foster discussion  and collaboration between the experts in the field dealing with human mycoplasma and Ureaplasmas. Part of the aims of this group is promote Human mycoplasmas Clinical studies, education on, and the study o epidemiology and clinical presentation. The Human mycoplasma study group is also actively associated with the ESGMI  - the Mycoplasma ESCMID study group.


The main aims of the group include:

  1. Promote molecular epidemiological studies of human mycoplasmas.

  2. Propose the standard procedures for comparison of genotyping data between studies.

  3. Exchange information for diagnosis, detection and isolation methods.

  4. Continue the monitoring of antimicrobial resistance.

  5. Promote collaboration between researchers and clinicians.

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