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Vision of the IRPCM chemotherapy group:


  • Ascertain and reduce antimicrobial resistance levels in mollicutes to protect global human and animals for the future

    • Coordinating international agreed standards for MIC of mollicute species

    • mapping global resistance of mollicutes of human and veterinary importance

    • reducing unnecessary use of antimicrobials and promoting good stewardship

    • understanding the molecular mechanisms of resistance

    • evaluation of new and alternative agents


Current Goals:


  • To standardize veterinary mycoplasma antimicrobial sensitivity testing, including control strains and methodology like it was done for human mycoplasmas.


  • To continue work on molecular determinants of antimicrobial resistance:

  • Identifying breakpoints

  • Epidemiological surveillance

  • Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance

  • Development of the molecular assay to track antimicrobial resistance in the real-time

  • Molecular typing of strains with different susceptibility

  • Evaluation of new and alternative chemotherapeutic agents.


Team Leader

Florence Tardy

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